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Hollace Pratt,30, is a native of central Vermont. Hollace began playing guitar at age 15. Along with four friends he originated the Harwood Union High School Jazz Band and during that time became trained in jazz theory and history. This jazz background has carried him through many styles of music and many bands before the Mad Mountain Scramblers. From thrash, to classic rock, to punk and finally bluegrass. Hollace plays mandolin, dobro, acoustic guitar, and banjo.






 John Bridgewater, 40 "something" with the heart and soul of a 21 year old! Originally from CT and then moving to New Hampshire early on, he has been playing music in the New England style for many years. John is the lead guitarist in MMS and fills in on 2nd mandolin, he also sings lead in several songs and always has awesome backup vocals, he writes original songs, one in particular being a sentimental, shanty-type tune inspired by his love for the sea. John Bridgewater and Hollace began playing one night and their new style was born.







Jayson Fulton, age 30, grew up spending summers in Vermont with his dad and the rest of the year in New York. Jayson is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. He writes most of the songs either solo or in collaboration with Hollace and John. He began singing in high school. He has a strong folk background, his mentor is Bruce Cockburn, but he has played in a wide variety of bands, punk, progressive, rock. Jayson loves bluegrass because it allows him to really use his wonderful falsetto voice-carrying a great vocal range.


Rick Sysko



Rick is the product of a mixed marriage, mom is a 3rd generation Vermonter, while dad was born of Polish immigrants. His first love is Celtic music which is a forefather of Bluegrass. Rick started playing the pennywhistle in order to be closer to the music. It seemed an easy instrument to start with, but didn't lend itself well to music that isn't in a major key. Wanting to play a stringed instrument, he chose the Mandola mostly because all the good Mandolin players were already taken.


Ben Larrow



Ben is another native Vermonter.  He has been playing banjo forever.  Ben is a Kindergarten teacher by day, but lets loose when the sun goes down.  After marriage and a child he gave up playing in public for 12 years, secretly honing his skills in the basement listening to Tony Triscka, and Gordon Stone recordings.  His musical claim to fame is beating Dan Tyminski at a banjo picking contest in Rutland, Vt.


Caleb Elder


Caleb Elder, Caleb is finishing his studies at Middlebury College. He is also classically trained as a violinist. Caleb lives in Bristol Vermont.  In the summer he tours with the Circus Smirkus kids.






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